Automated IV Compounding Solutions

RIVA™ is a fully automated IV compounding system designed to reliably and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags in hospital pharmacies. By automating the preparation process, RIVA addresses the issues of safety for the patient and the pharmacy technician, overall efficiency in the pharmacy and the ongoing challenges of a changing regulatory environment. RIVA has become the pharmacy fulfillment standard when it comes to safety, effectiveness and precision. https://www.arxium.com/products/iv-room/

Field Service Engineer

remote and on site support

Solve interuptions within the approved time frame to maximize uptime of RIVA. 


Provide training on the job for all Users to ensure proper handling of RIVA.


Optimize RIVA’s workings to the processes and materials/consumables used by the local pharmacy. Offer insight and propose improvements to maximize the reliability, quality and output.

customer linked to tech

Be the Subject Matter Expert to translate wishes and concerns of the customer to the Tech departments and vice versa.


Looking for a partner who is capable of getting the necessary consumables to your customers? Consider MART as your go to partner.
MART currently has the following items available for RIVA customers.